Become a Pinterest Warrior: How to Use Pinterest to Drive Sales

Pinterest is one of the very best platforms you can use to target women – women who want to share pictures of your products! Well, it depends on what your product is. But the fact is, these women are pinning crazy and they want you to give them pretty, inspirational, weird, wonderful, cute and amazing things to share on their Pinterest boards. But how will you do this? The answer is simple! Read this article and find out how to become a Pinterest Warrior!!

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Why you’re failing at Social Media Customer Service (infographic)

Customer service is fast becoming one of the greatest responsibilities and opportunities of using social media for business. Unfortunately for many companies, the two cannot be separated – if you want to play in social media, you have to be prepared to provide top-notch customer service. Find out why social media customer service is so important, including some pretty awesome stats on Twitter and Facebook engagement. Oh and a pretty infographic, if you like that sort of thing!

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