Are you going through a breakup and want to change your relationship status on Facebook without broadcasting it to your entire network? Or maybe you’ve started a new relationship and want to keep things low-key for a while. Whatever your reason, there are ways to change your relationship status on Facebook without everyone knowing.

Before changing your relationship status, it’s crucial to understand Facebook’s privacy settings. These settings allow you to control who can see your posts, updates, and profile information. Familiarizing yourself with these options is the first step to ensuring that your relationship status change is seen only by those you choose. Privacy settings can be customized for almost every aspect of your profile, including your relationship status.

Here are the steps you can follow to change your relationship status on Facebook without everyone knowing:

  1. Access the Relationship Section: Go to your profile, click on ‘About,’ and then select ‘Family and Relationships.’
  2. Edit Privacy Settings: Before changing your status, click on the privacy icon next to the relationship status section. Here, you can select who you want to share this information with – public, friends, only me, or a custom list.
  3. Update Your Status: Once the privacy setting is adjusted, you can then change your relationship status. Remember, the update will only be visible to the audience you’ve selected.

While changing your relationship status without public notice is straightforward, there are a few additional considerations:

  • Review Timeline Settings: Ensure that your timeline settings don’t allow others to post or share your updates without your approval.
  • Consider the Timing: If you’re changing to a sensitive status (like ‘Separated’ or ‘Divorced’), consider the emotional aspects and timing of making such changes, even if they are not public.
  • Communicating with Your Partner: If the status involves another person, it’s respectful to communicate with them about your decision to change the status and how you plan to do it.

If you’re tagged in any photos with your former partner, you may want to untag yourself or ask your friends to remove the tags. This will prevent the photos from appearing on your timeline and potentially revealing your relationship status change.


By understanding and utilizing Facebook’s privacy settings, you can control who sees these personal updates. Whether you’re celebrating a new relationship or navigating a more private situation, these steps on how to change your relationship status on Facebook without everyone knowing will help you maintain your desired level of privacy. This approach ensures that you can share your life updates on your terms and in a way that feels right for you.

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