Have you been struggling with growth in your follower count on Instagram? Instagram is the third most popular social media platform, with more than two billion users. It won’t be an understatement to say that the platform does not make it easy for just anybody to flourish, much less succeed. Can a social media growth agency like Path Social help? This exhaustive Path Social review gives you all the answers you need!

What Is PathSocial?

What exactly is Path Social? What can it do for you? In a gist, the service is a social media agency specializing in Instagram growth.

Let’s face it. Establishing a foothold on Instagram is hard. You need all the help you can get. And Path Social brands itself as a trusted company for Instagram follower growth.

The service is for any Instagram user looking to build a strong, organic following. You can be an aspiring digital creator or influencer or a one-person brand or startup business. Even if you already have a solid fan base, Path Social’s services can push your growth to greater heights.

“You can’t expect just to throw stuff out there and get a ton of followers.” This is what Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison says about growing Instagram followers in his endorsement of the service. And he can’t be more right. Especially if you’re relatively unknown in your niche/industry on social media, expert help can give you a great advantage.

This is where Path Social comes in. The company serves as your promotional arm, proverbially waving a big sign with your name on it. The service not only gets you and your Instagram posts the exposure they need, but it also puts you front and center on the feeds of organic users whose interests align with what you have to offer.

Its proprietary AI recommendation technology and team of Instagram experts connect you and your content with genuinely interested users. Because of their genuine interest, these users are most likely to become highly engaged and loyal fans.

Is Path Social Legit?

Is Path Social legit? On its website, the service boasts impressive numbers and, based on these alone, one may immediately conclude that the service is legit. Don’t whip out your credit card and finalize your subscription plan just yet. Let’s dive into the service’s key features, strengths, and weaknesses to get an accurate picture of its value.

What Does It Sell and Does It Deliver?

What will you get when you sign up for a plan? The service’s main selling point is its promise of organic growth with real and highly engaged followers. It delivers the goods primarily through its advanced, proprietary AI targeting technology.

Path Social’s recommendation algorithm follows the time-tested and most basic matchmaking formula. It matches Instagram users with content based on shared interests.

The biggest challenge on a fiercely competitive platform like Instagram is gaining visibility among interested audiences. And take note that Instagram’s recommendation algorithm favors more popular accounts and their posts. If you’ve yet to establish a strong following on the platform, connecting with potential followers is doubly hard.

What’s the best solution? You should reinforce your targeting capability. Path Social offers many other features, which we’ll discuss later. However, its proprietary AI targeting solution is its greatest weapon as it effectively fine-tunes and amplifies a user’s audience-targeting power.

The Pros of a Path Social Plan

Why should you use Path Social’s organic growth services? What benefits can you expect from a subscription?

Here’s a quick look at the pros of a subscription:

  • You’ll instantly double your audience-targeting capability with the site’s proprietary AI targeting technology.
  • You can expect immediate growth with real people — within two days of signing up.
  • You’ll experience sustained follower growth month in and month out, which also comes with a boost in overall engagement rate.
  • You’ll tap into the expansive reach of Path Social’s in-house roster of influencers. They’ll help promote your page and content through shoutouts.
  • You’ll have expert guidance from their team of social media specialists.

The Cons of Signing Up With Path Social

Will you get fake followers when you sign up for a plan? Will you lose followers when you unsubscribe? What are the downsides of having a subscription?

You don’t have to worry about having fake accounts in your follower list — at least, not from Path Social. The site only delivers real followers. But there are a few cons you should know about when you subscribe to the service:

  • The service offers a monthly subscription, but it bills clients annually. If you decide to unsubscribe before your year ends, it might take a while to get a refund for the remaining months.
  • The site’s growth strategy is not 100% organic, as the company uses AI technology as its primary targeting solution. Keep in mind, however, that all social media platforms use algorithms to customize feeds for users. The service’s targeting algorithm works in much the same way.
  • When you unsubscribe, you might struggle a bit to maintain the momentum you gained with your subscription. On the upside, you won’t lose any of the organic followers the service delivered.

Customer Support Offerings

When you subscribe to a plan, quality and timely customer support is often crucial to your overall experience. How does Path Social measure up to customer expectations?

The service has worked with more than 24,000 clients and earned a 4.86-star average from verified users. It’s fair to say that the company’s clients are more than satisfied with the services and results they receive. Customer support, however, is often a completely different story.

H3: How Does Path Social’s Customer Support Work?
The site offers three customer support channels on its website:

  1. Via email at [email protected]
  2. Via phone, at +1 (310) 848-1269
  3. Via Path Social’s Help Center

The site lacks customer support options in only one aspect—it does not offer chat support. However, the company’s customer service representatives deliver timely responses via email and phone to customer inquiries and concerns.

The Help Center addresses an exhaustive list of frequently asked questions categorized into three topics:

  1. Membership Info.
  2. My Account.
  3. Payment & Refunds.

You can also use the search box to get help regarding a specific concern. If you need an immediate answer about the company’s services, the Help Center most likely has it.

What Do Clients Say About the Service?

The company has been serving Instagram users for more than nine years. While the world of social media management services is often fickle and hit-or-miss, Path Social’s longevity speaks to its reliability and expert capabilities.

The website gives potential new clients more than a glimpse of authentic client feedback via a dedicated Reviews page. Below are screenshots of some of these reviews.

A screenshot of Path Social reviews from clients in the fashion industry on Instagram.
A screenshot of Path Social reviews from clients in the fitness industry on Instagram.
A screenshot of Path Social reviews from entrepreneurs on Instagram.

Path Social Pricing

What is Path Social’s pricing structure? Do the subscription plans deliver good value for your money? You’ll get tons of bang for your buck when you subscribe to a plan. The raving reviews and numerous case studies on the site prove this. Each subscription plan is chock-full of useful and innovative features designed to tip the odds in your favor.

Let’s take a look at each plan and its key features.

Instagram Core

Instagram Core is the basic plan, which is the ideal option for personal profiles and small businesses. Its key features include:

  • Average follower growth ranges from 2,000 to 3,500 followers per month
  • Follower growth within the first two days of sign-up
  • Audience-targeting features which include:
    • An AI algorithm-guided profile and audience review
    • Regular influencer shoutouts based on your niche and target audience
    • Promotional communications via daily newsletters and weekly digests, reaching more than 9M subscribers
    • Relevant hashtags
  • Management tools include:
    • An activity log
    • Real-time analytics
    • Engagement channels

An Instagram Core subscription costs $29 a month, billed annually.

Instagram Elite

Instagram Elite is the site’s premium plan, which is ideal for influencers and brands already experiencing accelerated growth. The plan includes all the features of Instagram Core plus the following:

  • Advanced AI algorithm that delivers deeper insights about your audience and performance.
  • Manual targeting review courtesy of the company’s team of experts.
  • Five to ten times more influencer shoutouts, email marketing, and targeted audiences to maximize your growth potential.
  • Round-the-clock support from the company’s social media specialists.
  • A dedicated Account Success Manager is leading your Instagram growth journey.
  • Growth expert insights to help you fine-tune your strategy.
  • Early access to the site’s beta features.
  • Exclusive invites to the company’s seminars, webinars, and industry expert networks.

An Instagram Core subscription costs $41 a month, billed annually.

Does Path Social Work?

Does Path Social work? Definitely, yes! In addition to client reviews, you’ll also find a dedicated page featuring case studies that demonstrate the service’s effectiveness.

Check out the images below:

Screenshots of Path Social case studies featuring an influencer and business owner on Instagram.
Screenshots of Path Social case studies featuring a baker on Instagram.

And if you need more proof that the service works, try it yourself! You’ll get your money back if you don’t experience growth within two days of signing up!

Path Social Alternatives

There are two Path Social alternatives, and you can compare their features and value for money. Try these sites so you can make a more informed decision when selecting a partner for your Instagram growth!


Plixi offers pretty much the same features as Path Social. Plixi has three plan options. The Basic plan costs the same as the Core plan, priced at $29/month. But Plixi’s Pro and Expert plans are more expensive than Elite. The plans are priced at $59 and $149 per month, respectively, whereas Elite is only $41/month.

Additionally, Path Social offers more free Instagram tools on its website.

Plixi promises “organic growth.” However, a close look at how the service works reveals that the site heavily relies on automated technologies.

Overall, Path Social remains the better choice.


Kicksta has been around longer than Path Social and, therefore, serviced more clients. It offers three growth plans:

  1. Starter, priced at $69 per month.
  2. Advanced, priced at $129/month.
  3. Ultimate, priced at $219/month.

Each plan also offers a free trial. The plans are a lot more expensive than either Core or Elite, so Kicksta may be better suited for influencers and brands with big budgets. If you have money to spend on any of these subscriptions, however, it usually means you don’t need outside help growing your account. If you do, you may be better off spending it on Instagram ads.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, Path Social is the better choice. Combining this with the service’s proven reliability, you won’t find a better Instagram growth partner, but you still need to read my review.

What’s Our Verdict on Path Social?

Do you have a limited budget to spend on Instagram marketing? Can you afford just a one-off investment in your Instagram growth? If you have to choose just one investment option to grow your Instagram presence, you can’t go wrong with Path Social.

Instagram typically favors those who are already popular, particularly influencers and brands with massive followings. Next in line in terms of prominence on feeds and search results are ads and sponsored posts. Those who don’t have a substantial following or marketing budget can’t rely solely on an organic growth strategy. Especially if they want to compete with big names in their niche/industry. There’s no way around it — you have to spend money to achieve your growth goals on the platform.

Its AI targeting solutions and expert and hands-on strategy management features are not your only advantage. Path Social’s subscription-style service also offers long-term rewards. Why? Because you have the guarantee of sustained progress. As long as you have an active subscription, you can expect continuous growth and expert help.

Should you try Path Social? Ultimately, the decision to use the site depends on your specific growth needs, budget, and long-term goals for your Instagram presence. Are you looking to quickly increase your follower count, enhance engagement, or improve brand visibility? The site’s targeted strategies and expert management can help you reach these objectives efficiently. Check user feedback, reviews and success stories. These insights are invaluable for understanding the service’s effectiveness and reliability. Now, you can make an informed decision to determine if Path Social is the right Instagram growth service for you.

To learn more about other social media tools and services, read more detailed reviews on The Social Skinny. Explore expert insights, in-depth analyses, and user experiences to find the best solutions for your social media growth. Start reading now to discover the best strategies for your social success!

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