Too often, we churn out Facebook status updates without putting enough thought into it – looking to ‘tick a box’ rather than get the most engagement possible. Most of us know we should be putting more effort into the content we are posting on one of our most prized and rewarding marketing channels, but the truth is Facebook updates are just one of those things that can be done pretty quickly, so when we look at the long list of things to do for the day, it just happens to be one we can cross off pretty quickly. Well, here are a few tips that should help you improve your status updates and get more engagement – put together in partnership with one of my favorite partners (the best in Facebook apps), Shortstack. Check out the lovely infographic below, or if you’re a no-crap type of person who just wants to read some old-fashioned text tips, I’ve included the tips below the infographic (though they are the abridged version!).

  1. Post an interesting fact
  2. Share a tip
  3. Endorse content
  4. Don’t always ask a question
  5. Inspire action
  6. Tell users what to expect
  7. Add a P.S.!
  8. Use short links
  9. Use images with text
  10. Ask users to comment

Do you have any other proven tips for putting together successful and engaging Facebook status updates? Please share below!

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By shawn