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As Instagram continues to evolve, it has become more than just a platform for sharing moments; it’s also a place to discover and enjoy music. From catchy tunes on Stories to groovy beats on Reels, Instagram is an ideal platform to showcase your favorite tracks and share them with your followers.

If you’ve ever come across a song on Instagram and wanted to save it for future use, you’re in luck. In this guide, we’ll take you through the simple steps to save your favorite tracks within the app, enhancing your content creation and personal enjoyment.

Steps to save tracks within the app

  1. Finding music in Stories and Reels. Pay attention to the music sticker or song name displayed at the bottom of the screen. This sticker or display is your gateway to saving the song.
  2. Tap on the music sticker or song name to take you to a screen with the song’s details. Here, you’ll find an option to “Save” or a bookmark icon. By tapping this, you add the song to your saved music collection on Instagram, making it readily accessible for your own Stories or Reels.
  3. When you’re ready to create, initiate the creation of a new Story or Reel. If you opt for a Story, you can tap the sticker icon after capturing or uploading your content, then select the music sticker. For Reels, choose the music note icon on the left-hand side before or after recording your video.

Within the music selection area, you’ll find a “Saved” tab or section. This is where all your previously saved songs are stored. Simply tap on the song you wish to use, and it will be integrated into your Story or Reel.

To keep your library fresh, regularly add new songs to your saved collection and remove those you no longer enjoy or use. Choose songs that complement the visual and emotional tone of your Stories or Reels. The right music can significantly enhance the impact of your content.

And don’t be afraid to share your musical discoveries with your audience. Sharing music can be a great way to connect with your followers on a more personal level.


Mastering how to save a song on Instagram can greatly enrich your content creation toolkit, allowing you to quickly access and utilize your favorite tunes. So next time you come across a song that resonates with you on Instagram, remember these simple steps to save it for your next creative endeavor.

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By Daria