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If your selfies are hitting the mark but your captions lack that spark, fear not. We’ve got the eyebrow-centric fix you’ve been searching for.

Bid farewell to the struggle of crafting the ideal caption. Now is the perfect moment to flaunt those impeccably groomed, bold eyebrows of yours. When you’re ready to share them on Instagram, let these sassy captions be your ally.

  1. What’s your go-to product for standout brows? #mac
  2. Eyebrows: They’re like the face’s slinky.
  3. Elevate your brow game with the right enhancer. #shapeit
  4. Make heads turn with your brow game. #slaymen
  5. Betty’s brothers’ brows were a bit battered. #tonguetwister
  6. Your first Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz purchase is a point of no return. 
  7. Sometimes, we’re too close to see ourselves.
  8. Brows done right are a must! #neverfail
  9. What message are you conveying with these brow-centric quotes?
  10. Command attention with bold brows! #bebossy
  11. Falling for the contours of my brows. #shapeofyou
  12. Let your gaze and brows do the talking. #sass
  13. Transform yourself in this lockdown. #makeover
  14. No tool, no brows. It’s that simple. @10after1
  15. Well-groomed brows mean a life in harmony. #proportional
  16. Define your summer with a timeless brow look.
  17. Brows that could circle the globe  #beauty #eyebrowshaping #browbeauty
  18. Claiming you wear makeup without using a brow product? That’s a stretch. #fake
  19. Chanel may craft my under-eye bags, but my brows are pure art.
  20. Turn up the heat with seductive brows. #sexy
  21. Happiness is just an eyebrow enhancer away. #moneycan
  22. When unsure, sprinkle a little glitter.
  23. Brows stay in shape with zero gym time! #stayinshape
  24. A woman’s essence: sophistication and allure.
  25. Just a touch of eyeliner, blush, and the perfect brow enhancer. #kohlblushenhance
  26. Hold your friends close, but your eyebrows closer. #yes
  27. Life’s too fleeting for dull brows @browsbyjennypowers
  28. Forever a Mac enthusiast! #macforlife
  29. Prioritize brows over everything. #browsbeforehoes
  30. Elevate your brow thickness with the right enhancer. #thicken
  31. Not getting praised for your brows? Time to rethink your strategy.
  32. If she’s meant to be yours, she’ll come back. If not, she was never meant to be.
  33. My brow enhancer is my ride-or-die. #onlysignificantother
  34. Focus on your brows, not mine. #yesplease
  35. Time for a brow makeover together? #browgasm
  36. Proud of my brows, what’s your talent?
  37. My eyebrows? They’re siblings, not identical.
  38. Mastering the art of brow enhancement since 1999! #slayingmen
  39. Inspired by everyone aiming for perfect brows
  40. Turn your brows into your crown. #browcrown
  41. Brighten your look by starting with your brows.
  42. Eyebrow enhancers for the win! #best
  43. Your brows speak volumes. #louder
  44. Brows take precedence over everything. #browsbeforebros
  45. Brow perfection is achieved in the glow of a tanning session.
  46. Eyebrow enhancers: every woman’s secret weapon. #bestkeptsecret
  47. I’m not flawless, but my brows are.
  48. Elevate your brow game! #enhance
  49. Today’s goal: impeccable eyebrow interaction. #goodeyebrowcontact
  50. Perhaps the ultimate brow motto: Give her the right brows, and she’ll conquer the world.
  51. Stellar brows are crafted, not born.
  52. Brows are non-negotiable. #browsonly
  53. Brows that make a statement.
  54. Sometimes, you just have to wing it.
  55. Brow Chicka Wow Wow
  56. The myth of perfect brows debunked. #seizetoexist
  57. Never doubt the influence of well-defined brows.
  58. Let your brows narrate your story. #BrowhausMABH
  59. Perfect your eyes, but make them stand out. #perfect
  60. Skipping brow enhancers? Then it’s not a full makeup look! #propermakeup
  61. Only positive brow energies here.
  62. Ignore life advice from those with questionable brows.
  63. Great brows are born, made, or masterfully drawn.
  64. Invest in a quality brow enhancer today! #today
  65. Embrace the natural beauty of your brows.
  66. Life might have its ups and downs, but my brows are on point.
  67. Her soul burns bright, matched only by her impeccable brows.
  68. Great brows set the tone for a great mood and an even better day.
  69. Never settle for less-than-perfect brows.
  70. Brows are a game-changer, regardless of gender. #allgendersacross
  71. Swear by your eyebrow enhancer. #forlife
  72. My eyebrow guru. #myfairlady
  73. Brows make the first connection. #browconnect
  74. Lash drama is the only drama I live for.
  75. Avoiding eyebrow-shaping mishaps.
  76. Your eyebrows are the royal tiara for your eyes. #crowns
  77. End your makeup routine with a swipe of your brow enhancer. #finishingtouch
  78. The real magic lies in well-defined brows! #allofit
  79. Opt for more makeup than outfits! #yay
  80. Youth is fleeting, but whimsy is eternal.
  81. Top-notch eyebrows require a dedicated effort, not just luck. #notbychance
  82. Conversations at the brow salon. #BrowsBySalonC
  83. Your brows deserve the spotlight on your face! #highlighted
  84. Brow powder for the win! #browpowder
  85. Brows bring harmony to your facial features.
  86. Discover the eyebrow shape that flatters your face the most.
  87. Eyes and brows on point? Time for a selfie. #selfieindemand
  88. Embrace vibrant brows to stay on-trend with this year’s fashion.
  89. Revitalize your look with an eyebrow enhancer. #feelyoung
  90. Without my brow enhancer, I’d be a wallflower. #introverted
  91. My eyebrows are more organized than my life. #betterstructured
  92. Makeup time is too precious to waste on unworthy men. #stayhome
  93. There’s more brow potential yet to be unleashed.
  94. Craft your persona with the same care as your brows. #truethat
  95. Eyebrows and enhancers have a bond stronger than any iconic duo.
  96. Maybe all we need in life is less. Less drama, less negativity, and more simplicity. 
  97. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself ®
  98. There’s nothing like perfectly done eyes and eyebrows! #perfectlydone
  99. Trust us when we say brows are the new eyes. 
  100. But first, brows. #butfirst
  101. If your eyebrows are not right, your life can’t be either. #truth
  102. Brow Down, Bitch
  103. More makeup is required. #workinprogres
  104. If you do not own an eyebrow enhancer, then it’s high time, you should own one.
  105. Brows speak louder than words.
  106. Your dress might go wrong, but your eyes can’t. #becareful
  107. Pluck your eyebrows for a better you.
  108. Eyebrows speak louder than words.
  109. Eyebrow enhancers have saved my life, my face, my all
  110. Eyebrows know all the magic.
  111. Eyebrow enhancer is the only thing that my face needs. #facedemands
  112. To the power of awesome. #imjustalongforthebrowbathing 
  113. Complete your look with some eyebrow enhancers. 
  114. Thou brow shalt stay on fleek. –Browticus 1:1
  115. I want to cry, but my eye makeup looks so good right now.
  116. Eyebrows are the one thing you can get into shape without exercising.
  117. Be your brand of beautiful
  118. Your perfect brows deserve a ‘happy ending’ 
  119. Be stronger than your excuses, and never cease to amaze yourself with what you can do. –Amanda Murdock
  120. Eyebrow enhancers are not only your best friend but also your life partner! 
  121. Keep calm, and let me do your eye makeup.
  122. Making the right brows matter since 2013.


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