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Can selecting the ideal TikTok font guarantee viral success for your video? Not exactly. However, just like any design choice, the choice of font can leave a significant impression.

TikTok features a variety of fonts including Classic, Typewriter, Handwriting, NEON, and Serif, each carrying its vibe and suitable for headlines or captions.

Could there be anything more crucial than picking the perfect TikTok fonts? The choice of font, like any design element, communicates volumes about your brand and the TikTok audience you aim to attract.

Though it’s an important decision, selecting the ideal font for TikTok shouldn’t be daunting.

Why should you be using text on Tiktok

Incorporating text into your TikToks is a straightforward strategy to enhance your content. Here are several compelling reasons to do so.

Remember, if a particular style isn’t resonating, try a new approach! Keep experimenting with various text options and fonts until you discover what best suits your brand.

How to text to TikTok Videos Simplified

There are two methods to add text to TikTok videos: directly within the TikTok app or using an external TikTok font generator.

While external tools offer more font choices, it’s not always necessary. Here’s how to do it in the app:

  • Open TikTok and tap the plus icon at the bottom to start a new video or upload one.
  • Tap the ‘Text’ icon in the top right corner.
  • Choose your desired font and color to match your video’s style.

Post your video!

And there you have it!

Classic Font on TikTok

The Classic font is TikTok’s go-to option for captions, characterized by its rounded style. It’s become synonymous with TikTok due to its frequent use and offers versatility across various video types like humor, advice, or presentations.

However, its widespread use has led some experts to seek alternatives, aiming to distinguish their specialized brand from the generic TikTok aesthetic.

Ideal Uses for Classic Fonts:

  • Podcast Clips: Perfect for captioning spoken content, the Classic font complements the informal nature of most podcasts.
  • Mini Vlogs: For sharing daily highlights or travel experiences, the Classic font’s broad appeal enhances viewer engagement.
  • Standup Comedy: This content thrives with fonts that feel relatable and informal, making Classic a suitable choice.
  • Skits and Sketches: Similar to standup, these formats benefit from the Classic font’s approachability and legibility.

When to Avoid Classic Fonts:

  • Educational Content: The casual vibe of the Classic font might undermine the seriousness of educational material.
  • Luxury Content: To maintain an air of exclusivity, avoid the overused Classic font, as it may detract from the premium feel of luxury brands
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The Typewriter font evokes the gritty atmosphere of 1950s detective stories, complete with a noir aesthetic and a touch of nostalgia.

Ideal for vintage or retro-themed content, the Typewriter font also suits poetic or whimsical posts beautifully.

Note: For extensive text, the Typewriter font may not be the best choice due to readability concerns. Consider the Classic font for longer passages.

Typewriter Font Usage

  • Advice: Suitable for longer captions, the Typewriter font lends a serious tone, ideal for advice content.
  • Monologues: A great choice for professional speakers to highlight or subtitle their points, offering a semi-serious tone.

Fun Facts: Its casual nature makes it fit for engaging infotainment content, suitable for both short and longer captions.

Avoid Typewriter Font for:

  • Luxury Content: Opt for a more sophisticated font for luxury-themed content, as the Typewriter font may not convey the desired elegance.
  • Headlines: The Typewriter font’s style is better suited for body text rather than bold headlines.


TikTok’s Handwriting font is ideal for fans of cottage-core aesthetics, offering a feminine touch perfect for beauty or fashion content.

However, be cautious with lengthy text in Handwriting font; its beautiful style may compromise readability. It’s most effective for headings, titles, or to add emphasis.

Handwriting Font Applications

  • Video Titles: Utilize the Handwriting font’s unique charm for video titles to enhance profile click-through rates.
  • Creative Highlights: Ideal for marking special features in studio tours or showcasing collections within videos.

Avoid Handwriting Font for:

  • Captions: Its stylish appearance reduces readability, making it unsuitable for subtitles.
  • Formal Content: The casual nature of the Handwriting font may undermine the seriousness of formal materials like legal documents or official statements.


Bright, dynamic, and with a nod to art deco, the Neon font also carries a hint of Las Vegas flair.

It’s perfect for channeling vintage movie poster aesthetics or adding a touch of classic Hollywood glamour to your content.

  • Keep in mind: Neon is meant to stand out. Avoid overcrowding it with too much text. Stick to short phrases, ideally one to three words, for maximum impact.
  • Party Titles: Ideal for events like party announcements or club openings, where excitement trumps formality.
  • Festive Labels: Great for names or organizers related to nighttime events, aligning with the after-dark ambiance.
  • Nightclub Titles: Enhances nightlife content, but avoid using it for detailed captions or subtitles.

Avoid NEON Font for:

  • Detailed Captions: Despite fitting the party theme, NEON’s readability issues make it unsuitable for text-heavy captions.
  • Formal Content: NEON’s informal vibe clashes with corporate or formal material, regardless of the context.

Serif Font Use on TikTok:

Serif, with its classic appearance and similarity to Times New Roman, is the go-to for formal content. It suits situations where the Typewriter font is used but with a more conventional theme.

Despite its broad applicability, Serif may appear overly formal for creators producing light-hearted videos.

Ideal for Serif Font:

  • Educational Content: Its formal tone makes Serif ideal for serious topics, particularly in education, consultancy, and legal advice.
  • Advice Videos: For advice content needing a formal touch, Serif provides the necessary gravitas.

Avoid Serif Font for:

  • Comedy Content: The formal vibe of Serif clashes with the informal nature of comedy, potentially dampening the humor.
  • Casual Podcasts: Podcasts, while sometimes informative, are predominantly relaxed; Serifs might imply an unwelcome seriousness.
  • General Video Titles: On TikTok, the Serif font may not be the best choice for video titles, lacking the versatility for both formal and casual headlines


Embracing text in your TikTok videos is not just an addition; it’s a transformative tool that can elevate your content’s engagement and clarity. The right words, coupled with strategic font choices, can significantly impact how your message is received and retained by your audience. 

The journey to finding the perfect textual element for your content might require trial and error, but the outcome of a deeper, more meaningful engagement with your audience is undeniably worth the effort

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By Daria