Why no one REALLY loves Facebook

We all love Facebook the social networking tool, but how many people really love Facebook the brand? At the end of the day, if you have a Facebook Page they just want you to advertise, and if you’re an everyday user they just want you to click on those ads. The last thing they want you to do is talk to them, provide feedback or expect them to care. But the question is: can we really blame them?

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Crappy customer service: the real social media fail of big business

These days there’s a new corporate ‘social media fail’ splashed across all media channels every second day, just because a bunch of people sent a few negative tweets about something. Unfortunately all this does is encourage senior management to retreat further into their social panic caves and reduce the social media budget further – content with the fact their brand is on Twitter and Facebook, just like the competition. We need to take the focus off the so-called ‘social media disasters’ of big brands trying to use social media for marketing and engagement and start focusing on the core social media fail of not getting the simplest strategy – customer service – right.

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