YouTube Around The World (Infographic)

Think that most of YouTube’s visitors are coming from the US? Think again. Here’s some pretty interesting stats and a nice pretty infographic about where YouTube traffic is really coming from – and you may be a bit surprised to find out the truth!

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And finally a REAL social media fail to learn from: the story of Channel 7

If you’re anything like me, not only are you probably awesome but you’re probably also sick of hearing about the all-too-common ‘social media fails’ initiated by countless well-known brands across the globe on a seemingly daily basis. Well today I’m here to tell you about a real, honest to god social media fail perpetrated by one of the very institutions so quick to slam other brands for their social media efforts. Justice tastes so sweet. SO DAMN SWEET I TELL YOU. Click through to read a classic Cara rant, combined with an overview of how Channel 7 committed a cardinal social media fail – and how you can learn from their mistake. Ahh how I love my rants :)

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The biggest problem with social media today (and how to turn it into an opportunity)

These days it’s senior management that are starting to push the social media agenda, which should be a good thing – and yet unfortunately it’s contributing to an already growing problem. The BIGGEST problem with social media today. Globally. Probably in the Universe too. So what is this problem, and how can you help? I’m glad you asked.

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How to set up a Facebook Offer

Have a business and a Facebook Page, and want to get actual sales alongside all your nice fluffly engagement? Facebook Offers are here to help. Find out if you’re eligible to create one, what they are, how to set one up and what the user journey of redemption looks like. Plus, if you read within the next ten minutes you’ll also get a free set of steak knives and a robotic 23rd century orange peeler. Not really. But the article is almost as awesome as a robotic 23rd century orange peeler. [not really]

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Crappy customer service: the real social media fail of big business

These days there’s a new corporate ‘social media fail’ splashed across all media channels every second day, just because a bunch of people sent a few negative tweets about something. Unfortunately all this does is encourage senior management to retreat further into their social panic caves and reduce the social media budget further – content with the fact their brand is on Twitter and Facebook, just like the competition. We need to take the focus off the so-called ‘social media disasters’ of big brands trying to use social media for marketing and engagement and start focusing on the core social media fail of not getting the simplest strategy – customer service – right.

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