Smartphones: The New Advertising Target

We have been told for a long time now that print and TV advertising are dying. That’s a contentious (and perhaps erroneous) argument to make, which is why I’m not going to talk about that at all in this next article. What I WILL talk about is some stuff about mobile advertising. That annoying shit that comes up when you are just trying to text someone, play a game on your phone or navigate to your friend’s new house. ADVERTISING IS SO ANNOYING. And yet, it works… so we have to get used to it. Anyway, read more about mobile and smartphone advertising within… and go and annoy some more customers (successfully)!

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How to get the best results from your Facebook ad campaign

Facebook advertising is increasingly becoming a crucial element of any business’ marketing strategy – particularly as Zuckers is getting more and more greedy with impressions through organic Page posts. Facebook ads have the power to deliver a very strong return on investment, if you have the right strategy in place and are driving to the right goals. Here’s a few key tips on how to get the most from your Facebook marketing spend. Happy reading :)

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10 ways to optimise your Facebook ads

Everybody is getting into Facebook advertising these days, but too often they don’t spend the time or have the right knowledge to make sure they are creating the most effective ads or optimising them as time goes on. Here are ten handy tips to help you optimise your next Facebook ad campaign.

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At what point will advertising ruin social media?

Ever since Facebook and Twitter users started to amass in the millions, Zuckers and the Twitter team quickly realised that their initial ad-free altruistic approach wasn’t doing so well for their bank balances. Shortly thereafter all manner of creative advertising formats were introduced that thankfully didn’t intrude too much on the user experience. However as competition heats up for the advertising dollar, these teams are set to introduce more and more intrusive advertising to our favourite networks. The question is, at what point will they ruin our social experience completely?

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