According to website builders, 4.3 Billion email accounts send 196 Billion emails every day. Nine out of every ten of us check our email at least once a day from our smartphones, and an email can influence mobile purchase decisions 71% of the time. That’s a lot of sales volume generated from email. In America, 85% of retailers consider email one of the most effective customer acquisition techniques in their arsenals. If your email campaigns need some supercharging, these are 10 facts you need to know.

8 Facts to Supercharge Your Emails

1) Emails convert three times better than social media. Social media is great, but not nearly as personal as people think. Social media is great for attracting a customer, but targeting that customer with an email is more likely to convert to a sale.

2) Abandoned cart email campaigns are the best converting type of email campaign in 2017. Abandoned cart email had an open rate of 46.6%, a click rate of 28.7%, and a conversion of 5%.

3) Emails with 6- or 10-word subject lines have the highest open rate of 21%. So, keeping those subject lines short can boost interaction. Keep it short and sweet.

4) Including a call-to-action button instead of just a text link can improve conversion by as much as 28%. Using email-scripting software to add follow, like, buy now or join buttons are a must to turbocharge your email efforts.

5) Personalizing the subject line of an email increases open rates by up to 26%, Using a first name in a subject line increases the chances of email being opened by 14.68%. Examples are Happy Birthday Promotions or Membership anniversary emails targeting your customer base. Building a personal relationship with customers is great way to increase brand value and loyalty.

6) About 70% of email readers open emails from a brand or company in search of incentives such as coupons or deals. Everyone loves a deal and with 91% of Americans claiming to want promotional emails, it’s a great way to drive sales through your email campaigns. So, make sure to add coupons, discounts and deals when scripting your emails and email campaigns.

7) The number one reason people unsubscribe or report emails as spam is because they are sent too often. Sending emails once a month has the highest open rate of 25.24%. Furthermore, 1/3 of all un-subscriptions to email campaigns are due to getting too many emails too often. Slow and steady email campaigns should concentrate on quality over quantity.

8) Marketers who segment their email lists see a 39% higher open rate and a 28% lower unsubscribe rate. Segmented campaigns saw a 68% open rate, while a general email saw about a 22% open rate. To supercharge your email efforts, it’s important to segment your customer lists into various demographics and segments. By doing this, you can even further personalize campaigns and generate better conversion.
Email is the best way to nurture leads for any business online. Using these 8 facts to guide your email campaigns you can supercharge their effectiveness and impact delivering more sales and conversions.

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