YouTube Around The World (Infographic)

YouTube InfographicIf you think that most of YouTube’s viewers are from the United States, this infographic is going to come as a big surprise to you. In fact, 80% of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside the United States, as this infographic from YouTube Downloader shows. Fully 60% of YouTube’s viewers don’t even speak English as their primary language. So where are these people coming from?


Saudi Arabia

The world’s most avid YouTube users are from Saudi Arabia, where television programming is extremely controlled by the government, so the youth turn to YouTube for entertainment. Saudi Arabians contribute more than 90 million YouTube views each day!


United Kingdom

In the UK, 35% of the residents are active on YouTube. 76% of these users are in the 18-24 year old age range. More than 100,000 uploads from the top 100 channels come from the UK.



This one is a bit surprising, because 61.5% of videos are actually blocked in Germany and YouTube had to install special filters to prevent users from uploading some music videos. Even so, German YouTube channels YTITTY, Gronkh, and Kontor TV each have over 2.5 million subscribers!



In Australia, 400 Tweets a minute contain a YouTube link, and 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. The most popular channels on YouTube for Australians are HowToBasic (3.1 million subscribers), Jayesslee (1.7 million subscribers), and IncrediblyHotWomen (1.5 million subscribers).



Finally, Japan has 5.59 million users active on YouTube. This is not much of a surprise, because 78.4% of Japanese people use the Internet, and 46.9% of them are active on YouTube. One of the most popular videos for Japanese YouTube viewers is the Matrix-style martial arts dance performance by Kenichi Ebina.


So there you have it, Youtube is one of the most popular sites worldwide. Pretty cool. Here’s the infographic:
YouTube Statistics

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