The last month in social media in one handy 5 minute update

So most people in most jobs can go on holidays and not worry too much that their industry will change that much over a few weeks. Unfortunately this is not the case for those of us in the social media field, which moves faster than the speed of light, sound and office gossip. After a wonderful month in South America these were the major updates from the social media sphere that I caught up with after reading thousands of emails.

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5 instances where twitter is better than Facebook

If I had a dollar for every person I’ve come across that dismisses Twitter as a waste of time – or just can’t be bothered to understand it – I’d be at least moderately well off. The truth is, in Australia at least, most people stick to Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube as their social networks of choice. But there are some things that Twitter does much better than any of these social media tools, and here are five examples.

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How to claim back your brand on Facebook and Twitter

There are a ridiculous number of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that are not controlled by the brands they appear to be representing. Despite the dangers involved with this activity, many companies fail to intervene to stop these people from imitating their brand and potentially sending the wrong messages to their customers. This, my friends, is what we call a social media FAIL. And this is how you stop failing and claim back your brand.

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Using social media for crisis management: the Qantas #ashcloud case study

Social media is fast being recognised as one of the best methods to share information quickly and effectively during periods of crisis. This certainly proved to be the case for Qantas during the 16-day period where hundreds of flights were disrupted due to a volcanic ash cloud affecting airspace. At a time where traditional customer contact channels were proving inadequate, the use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to communicate and engage with customers proved invaluable. This case study outlines the strategy, statistics and success of Qantas’ social media activity during this time.

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At what point will advertising ruin social media?

Ever since Facebook and Twitter users started to amass in the millions, Zuckers and the Twitter team quickly realised that their initial ad-free altruistic approach wasn’t doing so well for their bank balances. Shortly thereafter all manner of creative advertising formats were introduced that thankfully didn’t intrude too much on the user experience. However as competition heats up for the advertising dollar, these teams are set to introduce more and more intrusive advertising to our favourite networks. The question is, at what point will they ruin our social experience completely?

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