5 reasons you may be failing at social media for business

Every wondered why you don’t have 10 million Facebook fans or Twitter followers? Or why days go by without anyone engaging with you on any of your social platforms? Why is social media for business so hard, when it was meant to be the answer to all your problems – and probably even the meaning of life? Well I don’t have the answer to the meaning of life, but I can tell you why your social media efforts are failing. And maybe even a few ideas for how to fix it… because that’s just the nice sort of person I am. Now click through and read this article. Now.

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What is the value of a Facebook Like/Fan?

So you’ve got a bunch of Facebook fans and now the powers that be are asking what their value is. How do you come up with a figure for how much each Facebook fan or like is worth? It’s a great question, and there are many competing answers out in the internetsphere. However, none of them are nearly as awesome as this one. Read on for all you’ve ever hoped to learn about this subject AND MORE.

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9 ways Facebook can get you fired

There are probably a billion ways that Facebook could get you fired, but I’ve chosen just 9 for today’s lesson in social media. Some of them are on the obvious side, whereas others may surprise you (and cause some speculation about your job security). Mostly though, the examples I’ve included will make you laugh, because other people’s stupidity and misfortune is funny. Enjoy.

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99 New Social Media Stats for 2012

SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS! Yes, we all love them, and yes I am the sucker who spends hours collating all of these together each month to make your life easier. In this article I not only provide you with the latest social media, online, mobile, facebook, twitter, pinterest, social tv, social commerce, social media in business and YouTube statistics, but also a request for flowers and/or millions to be sent to me in appreciation. Obviously that last part is optional, but would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the latest statistics!

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The biggest problem with social media today (and how to turn it into an opportunity)

These days it’s senior management that are starting to push the social media agenda, which should be a good thing – and yet unfortunately it’s contributing to an already growing problem. The BIGGEST problem with social media today. Globally. Probably in the Universe too. So what is this problem, and how can you help? I’m glad you asked.

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How to set up a Facebook Offer

Have a business and a Facebook Page, and want to get actual sales alongside all your nice fluffly engagement? Facebook Offers are here to help. Find out if you’re eligible to create one, what they are, how to set one up and what the user journey of redemption looks like. Plus, if you read within the next ten minutes you’ll also get a free set of steak knives and a robotic 23rd century orange peeler. Not really. But the article is almost as awesome as a robotic 23rd century orange peeler. [not really]

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How to use Pinterest for business: 7 handy tips

Know that your business should be on Pinterest, but not exactly sure what you need to be doing to drive traffic, awareness and sales on the channel? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve laid down seven simple tips to help your business get started on Pinterest, so that hopefully within a year or two you will be earning millions, if not billions of dollars. How do I not get paid for this shit? Enjoy!

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Should you be using Pinterest for your business?

Pinterest. Everyone’s talking about it, and the chances are someone’s already asked you if your business is on there. But before you rush in and add another channel that will take up your time and efforts, you need to seriously consider whether it will actually achieve your business goals. Almost all businesses should be on Facebook, but not all businesses should be on Pinterest. Here’s how to determine if yours should be.

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Why no one REALLY loves Facebook

We all love Facebook the social networking tool, but how many people really love Facebook the brand? At the end of the day, if you have a Facebook Page they just want you to advertise, and if you’re an everyday user they just want you to click on those ads. The last thing they want you to do is talk to them, provide feedback or expect them to care. But the question is: can we really blame them?

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11 simple things you can do to get more Twitter followers

Want to get more Twitter followers? Wondering why you’re following people and they aren’t following you back? Here’s 11 handy tips to optimise your Twitter account and tweeting style so you can get more followers.

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