9 Must-Have Apps for your Facebook Page

Feel like pimping out your Facebook Page but unsure what you should be doing? Consider adding some key apps to the mix to allow for better fan engagement and customer service. What apps should you include? The king of Facebook apps himself, Jim Belosic, weighs in on his top nine must-have apps for your Page.

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Facebook Games – How Big is the Market? [guest post]

Ever thought about developing (or paying someone to develop) a Facebook game as part of your social media strategy? It might just be something to start thinking about, as Carlo Pandian outlines in this guest post about the Facebook game market. It’s a big one, and if you manage to get your concept right you could be looking at not just some impressive ROI, but some serious branding exposure too.

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Instagram: A Marketing Platform Worth a Closer Look [guest post]

Instagram is one of the big up-and-comers in the social media space, but still one channel that most businesses haven’t tapped into yet. Given its huge popularity and potential, you may be asking how your business can incorporate Instagram as part of its social media mix. And in the FIRST EVER Social Skinny guest post, Melissa Russell outlines just how you can do so. HOORAY!

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The #ClickFrenzy case study: How not to do social media

Not only did the team at Click Frenzy manage to piss off an entire nation by failing to ensure their 24 hour deals site could handle more than a couple of visitors at once, but their efforts on social media managed to further provoke, enrage and disrespect their would-be customers. Some of the shit they came up with (or didn’t come up with) over the course of the debacle was truly just astounding. Here’s a lesson in what NOT to do during a social media crisis.

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216 Social Media and Internet Statistics (September 2012)

Your one stop-shop for all the social media and Internet statistics you could ever EVER need. EVER. Seriously there’s over 200 statistics in this article, and a whole bunch of awesome images that I spent hours creating in some photo program or something (cough Google Images).

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Viral Brand Bullying: what is REALLY ruining my Facebook experience

You know what I really hate? People that cannot drive at the speed limit, the fact I will get fat if I eat ten loaves of bread every day, peas and Facebook viral brand bullying posts showing up in my newsfeed. I’ve written this particular Social Skinny rant about one of the above topics, and because I’m certain you cannot figure out which one it may be, you’ll just have to click through to find out. Be prepared because this time I’m not going after Zuckers OR big brands. This time I’m coming after YOU and your like-happy annoyingness. And no, it’s not hypocritical at ALL (except for the pet mention…). Yeah you have no idea what I’m talking about, and neither really do I.

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And finally a REAL social media fail to learn from: the story of Channel 7

If you’re anything like me, not only are you probably awesome but you’re probably also sick of hearing about the all-too-common ‘social media fails’ initiated by countless well-known brands across the globe on a seemingly daily basis. Well today I’m here to tell you about a real, honest to god social media fail perpetrated by one of the very institutions so quick to slam other brands for their social media efforts. Justice tastes so sweet. SO DAMN SWEET I TELL YOU. Click through to read a classic Cara rant, combined with an overview of how Channel 7 committed a cardinal social media fail – and how you can learn from their mistake. Ahh how I love my rants :)

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9 New Facebook Features you might not know about

Over the past couple of weeks Zuckers and his team have been busy little bees implementing a whole stack of changes to our beloved Facebook experience. If you didn’t realise you could export your events to your online calendars, edit your Facebook comments, highlight your personal posts, promote your page posts or find nearby Facebook friends then you clearly need to read this article. And just in case you’re not convinced – there’s another four handy features I haven’t even MENTIONED in this excerpt that are covered within… the suspense is killing you. The only option left to you is to CLICK THROUGH!!

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How to sell social media to senior stakeholders (in 10 handy tips)

You know your business needs to be doing social media. You know it’s the future. You also know you’d much prefer getting paid to play on Facebook all day. So really, it would be a win for everyone. The only problem is those damn ignorant ancient senior stakeholders who aren’t quite convinced that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube hold the answer to making millions of dollars. Well, they do. And it’s your mission to make them SEE that. But I would never leave that task solely up to you, mainly because I think we both know you’d mess it up. So here’s 10 handy tips that will help you make them see the light. The bright, shiny beacon of social media light. MMmmm beacon. So close to bacon. I really need to start eating breakfast.

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New exciting Facebook Page changes – admin roles, post scheduling and promoted posts!

If you manage a Facebook page or are interested in any Facebook-related changes then you should really read this article. If you don’t, you will probably be laughed at by your colleagues, friends and any ghosts who are currently in haunt mode around your house… this is because these are the latest and greatest Facebook changes to arrive on your Page and they are actually pretty damn awesome (for once). Find out about admin roles, scheduled posts and promoted posts, and then call ghostbusters.

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