Run Your Business from Afar: 4 Ways to Make It Happen with Tech

Working remotely – either from home or on the road – is becoming increasingly popular (except if you work for Yahoo). The great news is that technology continues to make it easier to do so successfully – in many cases making you more productive on the go than sitting at a desk in an Office tomb. TOMB I say. If you want to avoid your tomb-like work existence, then check out these tools to help you stay productive on the go! Then tell your boss you won’t be back in for a couple of weeks. WORKS LIKE A CHARM.

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3D Printing: Everything You Need to Know About The Next Biggest Thing

3D PRINTING YEAH BABY. Seriously I didn’t know how to start this excerpt with the right amount of enthusiasm for this topic. 3D printing is awesome and you need to CHECK IT OUT right now. Then you need to start thinking about all the amazing things you are going to print once you get your hands on one…. I am still tossing up between a spare ear (yes, ear) OR an amazing mansion for my cat. On the one hand I could hear really, really well (right?) and on the other my cat will hate me a little less for not letting him go outside. Decisions, decisions. Anyway, read the article.

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