The Best Marketing Pranks That Went Viral

These days you can’t call yourself a marketer unless you have orchestrated something that has gone viral (preferably the good sort). But what does it take to make something viral? That’s the million dollar question and the answer isn’t simple – there’s no single tried and true way to make viral content. What is useful, though, is gaining a good understanding of what other brands have done to gain viral traction in the past.. then hope that some of that ingenuity (or sometimes even just luck) rubs off onto you. Here’s a few examples of viral pranks that have paid off.

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How to do social media right: 4 brands to learn from

Sometimes the best way to be good at something is simply to copy others who are awesome at it. Of course you should change it ever so slightly and pretend it was your idea in the first place, otherwise what is the point? Seriously though, when it comes to marketing and even more specifically social media, reading case studies and keeping an eye on what competitors and prominent brands are doing always helps stimulate your own creativity. So here are four quick case studies of brands doing some awesome things in social media. Don’t forget to change them ever so slightly…

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Viral Brand Bullying: what is REALLY ruining my Facebook experience

You know what I really hate? People that cannot drive at the speed limit, the fact I will get fat if I eat ten loaves of bread every day, peas and Facebook viral brand bullying posts showing up in my newsfeed. I’ve written this particular Social Skinny rant about one of the above topics, and because I’m certain you cannot figure out which one it may be, you’ll just have to click through to find out. Be prepared because this time I’m not going after Zuckers OR big brands. This time I’m coming after YOU and your like-happy annoyingness. And no, it’s not hypocritical at ALL (except for the pet mention…). Yeah you have no idea what I’m talking about, and neither really do I.

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