YouTube Around The World (Infographic)

Think that most of YouTube’s visitors are coming from the US? Think again. Here’s some pretty interesting stats and a nice pretty infographic about where YouTube traffic is really coming from – and you may be a bit surprised to find out the truth!

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Why you’re failing at Social Media Customer Service (infographic)

Customer service is fast becoming one of the greatest responsibilities and opportunities of using social media for business. Unfortunately for many companies, the two cannot be separated – if you want to play in social media, you have to be prepared to provide top-notch customer service. Find out why social media customer service is so important, including some pretty awesome stats on Twitter and Facebook engagement. Oh and a pretty infographic, if you like that sort of thing!

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216 Social Media and Internet Statistics (September 2012)

Your one stop-shop for all the social media and Internet statistics you could ever EVER need. EVER. Seriously there’s over 200 statistics in this article, and a whole bunch of awesome images that I spent hours creating in some photo program or something (cough Google Images).

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100 Social Media, Mobile and Internet Statistics for 2012 (March)

No one can get enough of statistics. Nor social media. The two combined are just about enough to make you wet your pants… so get the nappies handy because here’s my next installment of my 100 social media statistics for 2012. It’s actually only 85 statistics, so you can spend the extra minute reading another of my stellar literarary masterpieces. Or maybe send me a congratulatory email/tweet? I’ll leave it up to you :) Enjoy!

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100 social media statistics for 2012

100 awesome statistics about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, FlickR, Instagram, Mobile, QR codes and general social media trends that are current as at January 2012. Plus Facebook and Twitter business statistics and Facebook in Australia statistics. What more could you ever, EVER want? I rock.

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