The Best Marketing Pranks That Went Viral

These days you can’t call yourself a marketer unless you have orchestrated something that has gone viral (preferably the good sort). But what does it take to make something viral? That’s the million dollar question and the answer isn’t simple – there’s no single tried and true way to make viral content. What is useful, though, is gaining a good understanding of what other brands have done to gain viral traction in the past.. then hope that some of that ingenuity (or sometimes even just luck) rubs off onto you. Here’s a few examples of viral pranks that have paid off.

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4 Savvy Tips to Multiply Your Marketing Results

Here’s a really hard question for you: do you like getting free things? Yes? OF COURSE YOU DO. Everyone loves getting free things or even big yummy discounts. While this is probably not news to you, have you ever considered tying this into your marketing strategy? Giving your customers perks, giveaways and discounts can encourage serious loyalty, as well as viral marketing rewards. Think about it. Well… read this article, and then think about it some more.

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Is Facebook ruining our (real) social lives?

Does facebook make us less social? Plenty of people purport such a thing, but as yet nobody has really proved it to be the case. Plus the people who tend to say it don’t have facebook, and as a result aren’t really proper human beings anyway.
Regardless, by using colourful and useless graphs combined with stunningly irrefutable logic, I have proved that it actually makes us more social. I do hope you enjoy it.

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