How the new Google Search Plus Your World will affect you and your business

There has been plenty of outrage about Google’s new Search Plus Your World, but what is it really and how will it affect your search results? Even more importantly, how will it affect your business? Is the world going to explode? Should you be switching to Bing, like apparently everyone is doing, but really we all know no one is because it’s nowhere near as good? I’m glad you asked. Read on…

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How can Google+ help your business?

What is Google+ and how can it help your business? Is it worth setting up a Google+ Brand Page and what is happening with this new ‘Search Plus Your World’ thing? All these answers have at least been somewhat answered in the first installation of The Social Skinny Google+ week!! I’ve even kept mentions of Facebook to a minimum…. sorta. Enjoy.

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How to set up a Google+ Brand Page

Seven key things you need to know about Google+ Brand Pages before setting one up, and the simple six-step process to create your own Google+ Brand Page. Easy peasy.

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