8 reasons you should stop complaining about the new Facebook Timeline

Everyone loves to engage in a bit of whingeing here and there, and my family and friends would (with relish) tell you I’m a serial offender. However one thing I haven’t been complaining about is the new Facebook Timeline, because quite frankly it’s awesome and way better than the old profile. If it wasn’t, I would definitely have complained about it at least 10,000,000 times by now. But I haven’t, which proves that it is better. Here are another eight reasons. I probably should have thought of another two to make it a nice even 10 but I’m too lazy.

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A two minute overview of f8 and what it means for you

The biggest news since the Ticker was rolled out (just last week): the Facebook f8 developer conference reveals huge plans for future Facebook: completely new profile, life timeline and music/video streaming. Here’s a quick overview of all the changes with some nice pictures (borrowed from Facebook) to help explain.

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Facebook on amphetamines: changes abound for users and pages

In its quest for complete social networking domination Facebook has rolled out a bunch of new changes, hot on the heels of the last batch. Enter: Facebook Subscribe, Facebook Smart Lists and Facebook View Shares – another step towards Google Plusifying our Facebook profiles. What do you think about these new changes?

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What’s the latest skinny in facebook-land?

The only thing you can be certain about when it comes to facebook is that something, somewhere within your profile or feed, is about to change. You never know what it’s going to be, and usually you can bet it’s going to be useless or annoying, but it’s going to happen. And don’t expect that zuckers has any interest in warning you, or even telling you after it’s been done. He won’t. I only hope that this information can help to lessen your post-facebook-change anxieties.

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