Instagram: A Marketing Platform Worth a Closer Look [guest post]

Instagram is one of the big up-and-comers in the social media space, but still one channel that most businesses haven’t tapped into yet. Given its huge popularity and potential, you may be asking how your business can incorporate Instagram as part of its social media mix. And in the FIRST EVER Social Skinny guest post, Melissa Russell outlines just how you can do so. HOORAY!

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How to sell social media to senior stakeholders (in 10 handy tips)

You know your business needs to be doing social media. You know it’s the future. You also know you’d much prefer getting paid to play on Facebook all day. So really, it would be a win for everyone. The only problem is those damn ignorant ancient senior stakeholders who aren’t quite convinced that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube hold the answer to making millions of dollars. Well, they do. And it’s your mission to make them SEE that. But I would never leave that task solely up to you, mainly because I think we both know you’d mess it up. So here’s 10 handy tips that will help you make them see the light. The bright, shiny beacon of social media light. MMmmm beacon. So close to bacon. I really need to start eating breakfast.

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The biggest problem with social media today (and how to turn it into an opportunity)

These days it’s senior management that are starting to push the social media agenda, which should be a good thing – and yet unfortunately it’s contributing to an already growing problem. The BIGGEST problem with social media today. Globally. Probably in the Universe too. So what is this problem, and how can you help? I’m glad you asked.

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How to use Pinterest for business: 7 handy tips

Know that your business should be on Pinterest, but not exactly sure what you need to be doing to drive traffic, awareness and sales on the channel? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve laid down seven simple tips to help your business get started on Pinterest, so that hopefully within a year or two you will be earning millions, if not billions of dollars. How do I not get paid for this shit? Enjoy!

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Should you be using Pinterest for your business?

Pinterest. Everyone’s talking about it, and the chances are someone’s already asked you if your business is on there. But before you rush in and add another channel that will take up your time and efforts, you need to seriously consider whether it will actually achieve your business goals. Almost all businesses should be on Facebook, but not all businesses should be on Pinterest. Here’s how to determine if yours should be.

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