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Social Media Products 

Social Media Strategy Template – $199

Comprehensive Social Media Strategy template suitable for just about any business (corporate, SMB, agency etc). Total of 19 pages with 12 sections, pick and choose which sections you want to use and delete the rest. Each section includes example text that can be used/tweaked. All up you can put together an enterprise-standard Social Media Strategy in a fraction of the time.

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Webinar – How to Become a Social Media Expert – $45

A 1.5 hour on-demand webinar that will teach you how to become a Social Media Expert. This is aimed at people who are looking to pursue a career in Social Media, but is also suitable for those who would simply like to get better at social media in general. The webinar includes 10 practical and actionable steps you need to take to become not just an expert in the field, but also get noticed by managers, employers, recruiters and peers. Read more.



Webinar – How to Write a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy – $99

A 1.5hr on-demand webinar that will teach you how to write a comprehensive social media strategy for your business – be it enterprise, SMB or in between. The webinar will take you through a 12 step process to completing your strategy including a detailed description of each section – from Executive Summary to Budget and KPIs. You will finish with the confidence and knowledge to sit down and write your own strategy immediately. Read more.



Webinar – Social Media in the Financial Services Industry – $99

A 1.5hr on-demand webinar that will help you understand the social media opportunities within the Financial Services sector – including actionable tips to setting up your social media strategy as well as examples of successful campaigns and strategies by other businesses in this sector. Read more.



Social Media Services


Facebook Applications – from $249

Facebook application creation and implementation on any Facebook Page. I can also look after the design, or you can provide design (based on specs I will provide) and I will simply create the application and implement it to your Page. Applications can be visible only to certain countries (or all countries) and for any time frame you would like. Examples of applications include Home Page, Contact form, Booking form, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Pinterest, Location details, Product showcase, Photo Gallery, Menu, Sales/Coupons, Quiz, Polls, Virtual Gifts, Contests, Sweepstakes, Testimonials, Feedback form, LinkedIn, Newsletter sign-up, E-book download and more!



Facebook Competitions / Contests – from $349

Development and implementation of Facebook competitions, including elements like entry forms, Facebook login capability, share entry and/or competition with friends, voting, photo upload, video contest, caption contests etc. A full entrant list will be provided on a regular basis as well as once the competition ends, plus full analytics data on views, actions, entries, likes. Competitions can be ‘like-gated’ and there are a myriad of other options you can choose to include. Optional extras include design and promotion strategy/execution (ie. campaign to drive likes and entries).



Social Media Strategy – from $499

A comprehensive social media strategy for your business, either in the form of 10-20 page corporate document or a more basic 1-4 page of recommendations, including a detailed overview of recommended channels and campaigns to meet your key objectives.



Facebook Advertising Campaigns – from $149

Devise and execute a Facebook advertising campaign according to your objectives (eg. drive sales, engagement, fans, competition entries, newsletter sign-ups etc) and optimize throughout entire campaign period to achieve best results. Typically these campaigns will achieve a cost per like between 30-60c, but could be higher or lower depending on your geographic location, target audience and product/service category.



Social Media Account Management – from $149/month

Ongoing management of social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more. Including content management and engagement strategy, for business managers and owners who don’t have the time to manage their accounts on a day-to-day basis.



In-house Social Media Training – from $749

In-house employee training on social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other specific social media topic you need. This will include presentation and training documents specifically tailored to your brief, delivered either in-person (depending on location) or remotely via teleconferencing or Skype. Typically half-day sessions but can be shorter or longer depending on requirements.



General Consultation / Custom Work – from $150

Any other general consultative or custom strategy/campaign work as requested.



Services – Website Optimization


Website Audit & Optimization Strategy – from $499

A comprehensive website audit of your website and an optimization strategy outlining all the key opportunities to drive more traffic, sales, newsletter sign-ups (or whatever your objectives are).  Strategy will focus on improvements to your actual website, but may also reference recommendations for demand generation improvement. Elements that may be included:  website layout, copy, navigation, pages, linking strategy, SEO, SEM, mobile, social, demand generation strategy and more. You’ll receive a list of recommendations that will help optimize your website so you can make sure you’re maximizing your traffic potential and converting more visitors.



Online Acquisition / Demand Generation Strategy – from $750

A detailed online acquisition strategy providing recommendations on how to increase your traffic and sales/sign-ups. This will focus on getting more traffic to your site via channels like search, mobile, social and affiliate as well as providing a strategy for converting visitors once they come to your site.



Looking for something that wasn’t outlined above? I may still be able to help you – send me an email about what you are looking for and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a response.

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