How to Plan for Your Business’s Digital Future

It’s a fact that if your business is not online in 2018, you are missing out on a HUGE potential customer base. Even if you just run a small village café, maintaining an Instagram page could bring in a whole new young audience, and along with them, heaps of extra revenue. Simply updating a few […]

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Eating Well in the Age of Social Media

Everybody wants to eat well and know that their food comes from a trustworthy source. As we log on to Twitter, upload filtered photos on Instagram, and get our news from Facebook, it might seem more difficult than ever. In the information age, shouldn’t knowledge about food be easily accessible? You would think so, but […]

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Trending Social Media Tools to Grow Your Business

70% of marketers are going to increase their social media ad spend this year – globally we will spend $24 billion across social networks! That’s more than the GDP of New Zealand (probably). The key point here is that you obviously have to spend some of your $$ on social media, because that’s what everyone else is doing, and you DO NOT WANT TO BE THE ONLY CHUMP DOING SOMETHING ELSE. Print is dead and so is TV (not really). So social media it is. But – you ask – where do you spend your money within social media? THERE ARE SO MANY DAMN NETWORKS THESE DAYS. Honestly, it’s hard to keep track. Should you give your money to Zuckers, or that blue bird on or that new one where it’s all just about pictures (not the one with the pins though)….. well I’m glad you asked. READ ON FOR ALL THE ANSWERS YOU EVER HOPED TO HAVE (kind of).

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4 Companies Doing Social Media Right

These days it’s a pretty huge fail if your business is not leveraging the power of social media to drive awareness, brand loyalty and ultimately sales. However it can also be a pretty huge fail the way many business are using social media – even still (after all these years of test and learn). So what is the secret sauce to social success? Well, these four companies have some good learnings to share. Check out some of these case studies and think about how you can improve your social media strategy for business.

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How to do social media right: 4 brands to learn from

Sometimes the best way to be good at something is simply to copy others who are awesome at it. Of course you should change it ever so slightly and pretend it was your idea in the first place, otherwise what is the point? Seriously though, when it comes to marketing and even more specifically social media, reading case studies and keeping an eye on what competitors and prominent brands are doing always helps stimulate your own creativity. So here are four quick case studies of brands doing some awesome things in social media. Don’t forget to change them ever so slightly…

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