Social Media and Television: 5 Examples of the New Era of Social TV

Welcome to a new era of “social television”, where the use of social media becomes intertwined with our television viewing experience. Do you grab your phone as soon as you see a hashtag appear up on screen asking you what you think about Betty’s betrayal of Bob? Have you tweeted during elections, or used social media to ‘vote’ for your favourite reality TV contestants? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. We’re entering a new era where social media is teaching the old medium of TV a few new tips to get its audience engaged. Here are five such examples for your viewing enjoyment.

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Effective Ways to Use Social Media for Marketing Research

By now we all know that social media is a key channel for marketing and customer service. But what so many businesses are still missing out on is the opportunities for market research. You can learn a hell of a lot about your customers through effective listening and a few key strategies that will ultimately help inform not just your marketing strategy but your product/services as well. In this guest post you can find out some tips and tricks to use social media for marketing research. So GET TO IT YA’LL.

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iMingling: The importance of a social media presence for your business

Still sitting on the fence in terms of whether social media is important for your business? It is. In this article Jamie Franks (yes, it’s another guest post) outlines why you need to be in the social media game and how it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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Can you measure social media ROI?

Since the beginning of the social media age, the question of return on investment (or ROI) in this field has forever plagued and pained marketing professionals. Some have tried to come up with fancy algorithms to determine a magic number, others have argued until they were blue in the face that it can’t be done. It’s a million dollar question, and here’s the answer… so be sure to send me a cheque in the mail. Read on to find out my take in the whole ROI debate, and let everyone know what your thoughts are too (because we care, really.) But seriously, I’m going to need that million dollars.

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9 Must-Have Apps for your Facebook Page

Feel like pimping out your Facebook Page but unsure what you should be doing? Consider adding some key apps to the mix to allow for better fan engagement and customer service. What apps should you include? The king of Facebook apps himself, Jim Belosic, weighs in on his top nine must-have apps for your Page.

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