Social Media Share Scare – Why You Need To Share Less

Social media sharing is a second nature to most of us by now – we must have our semi-random ‘friends’ know that we are amazingly cool and popular, so that they can spend their days wishing they were us as they gaze wistfully down their Facebook Feed. Obviously this involves checking into exciting places (including airports, festivals and expensive restaurants) and sharing way too much information about our general lives (including where we live and the awesome car we drive). The only problem is this isn’t just impressing your so-called friends, but a whole bunch of even MORE sinister people – identity thieves, cyber-stalkers and burglars. Basically what I’m trying to say is that you will probably lose everything you hold dear – including your money, house and your identity – unless you read this article and STOP SHARING SO MUCH. But of course – you need to determine your own priorities. After you read this article.

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