Afraid so.

Ever since my MSN space (remember those? me neither really.) travel blog from when I went around the world in 2006 started attracting more traffic than a Sydney motorway when you’re running late I realised that I had a talent for writing. Or a really big, really indulging circle of family and friends.

Anywhoo, ever since I’ve desperately wanted to embrace this newfound talent, develop a following, become famous, change the world and eventually become Time’s Person of the Year.

Unfortunately my hopes and dreams came crashing down to earth when I realised I didn’t have enough money to continually travel around the world blogging about another night spent in an exotic bathroom after yet another culinary disaster.  Plus my mum would have missed me.

As a result I ended up giving up on my dreams and living an ordinary life pursuing a long list of other, much more boring talents.  Until now. Now I realise I have another topic that I am just as passionate about as travelling around the world contracting constant gastro.

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Those other networks.

Better still, I figure I have the required credentials to write about them because I am a ‘social media specialist’. Pretty sure you can’t get more specific than specialist. Yep, I specialise in social media, so it dawned on me that I can be what we specialists like to call a ‘thought leader’ (oh look I’m already bestowing my social knowledge upon you in the first post!) and write about what I know and love. Yay!

So that is pretty much the story of my life, and why you should read my blog. (because otherwise you will be crushing my dreams – not very nice).

The end.

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