How to Plan for Your Business’s Digital Future

It’s a fact that if your business is not online in 2018, you are missing out on a HUGE potential customer base. Even if you just run a small village café, maintaining an Instagram page could bring in a whole new young audience, and along with them, heaps of extra revenue.

Simply updating a few social media pages doesn’t take much time or energy – and is essentially free. If you’re not on the big 3 social networks (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), yet – why not?

If you are, congratulations: you’re ready to move onto bigger things. The digital age has barely even begun and is constantly evolving every day, so keeping on top of digital marketing trends is basically essential for the long-term survival of your business.

Here are our top 5 ways of investing in your business’s digital future: it’s just around the corner!


  1. Get Into SEO

If you’ve not heard this term before, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.


In a nutshell, this entails optimizing all your webpages according to Google’s tastes, so that they will appear higher up in the list of results people get when they Google search. The higher your page ranks, the more people will see it, the more money you get.

There are loads of simple ways to start making sure your pages’ SEO is tip-top: like adding new, original content frequently, sharing your links, and using keywords. If you don’t know where to begin with SEO, there are plenty of businesses out there dedicated to doing just that for you – go to Justseo.co.nz to see what they could do for you.


  1. Start Utilizing Pinterest

Although it’s been around for years already, mainly used as a wedding mood-board program, many internet marketers are hailing Pinterest as the next big thing. At the moment, the majority of the platform’s users are female – though, according to a Hootsuite blog, 40% of new users on the site are male. Using it to target female audiences right now is smart, but don’t forget its growing male population.

Pinterest is a great tool for digital marketing as each ‘pin’ (image or video) links back to its original source, making it invaluable for referral traffic. So, if you love posting aesthetic images on Instagram, you’re missing a trick if you’re not doing the same on Pinterest.

  1. Look Into Social Advertising

People spend hours of their day on social media… alongside your own social pages, businesses are incredibly smart to pay to advertise on those websites. They are basically the internet’s most visited sites; so are the perfect target for your new ad campaign.

Due to the immense popularity of social networking sites and therefore social advertising, the costs are going up and up, but so is the reward. Jump on board now to get the best reach at the best price you’re ever going to get.


  1. Embrace User-Generated Content

A simple key component to all sales? Trust. Think about it – if a customer doesn’t trust that your brand provides a quality product or experience, why would they buy from you?

An easy way to increase trust in your brand is to push as much user-generated content as you can: reviews, quotes, consumer videos, etc. Customers trust other customers much more than you – of course you’re going to say your product is good! Let happy customers speak for themselves and facilitate more sales by utilizing this content as much as possible.


  1. Encourage Interactivity

Polls, videos and quizzes are fun for users and great for sales. Adding a poll to your Facebook, Instagram story, or Twitter page is quick and easy. Customers can vote with one click, so you get instant feedback that people are far more likely to participate in than asking them to send a detailed message.

Asking people to vote on their favorite products or what they like best about your business gives you better understanding of your audience, all in a manner that people want to engage with. Win-win.


Putting these 5 easy steps into practice will go a long way in preparing your company for its digital future which is actually – right now.

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