5 Benefits of New #Facebook #Hashtags

Have you joined the Facebook hashtag bandwagon? As with most Facebook changes the reception to this new feature has been mixed – some people love it (and were doing it before it was supported) and others find it plain annoying. Personally I’m not a huge fan, but I get where Zuckers was coming from. I mean it’s just like how Fords and Mazdas and Hyundais all end up looking similar to each other (yes they do!), social networks will also continue stealing each others’ innovations so that one day we’re faced with virtually the same social network across every damn platform. But in the interim, how do you feel about the addition of hashtags to Facebook? Yay or Nay?

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The 8 key considerations when running a Facebook competition

Want to run a Facebook competition but not really sure where to start? Here are the eight key things you need to consider to run a successful (and legal) Facebook competition. Cover off all these bases and watch your Facebook community thrive! If you do not read this article, however, your Facebook community will slowly shrivel up and die. Do not say I didn’t warn you.

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10 Quick Tips for Better Status Updates (Infographic)

Want to get more likes and more comments on your Facebook status updates? OF COURSE YOU DO. Everyone does. So I’ve teamed up with Shortstack to come up with ten handy tips for better status updates, and we’ve even put it in a lovely nice infographic for you!!! Because we also know you like looking at pretty pictures more than reading boring text. HAPPY MONDAY! (unless it’s not Monday when you’re reading this, in which case, don’t be happy).

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Facebook Applications and Contests – the best tools now that Wildfire is out of the mix

Want to create awesome Facebook applications, contests, competitions, tabs or whatever else you want to call them? Join the club. The easiest way to do it if you’re not a developer is to use a third-party service that allows you to simply drag and drop widgets to create your very own app. There are some awesome ones out there, and here’s a few for you to check out. I recommend going with the Overlord + Pancake Guy, but at the end of the day it’s going to be your decision. Unless you want me to make it for you, in which case read on.

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9 Must-Have Apps for your Facebook Page

Feel like pimping out your Facebook Page but unsure what you should be doing? Consider adding some key apps to the mix to allow for better fan engagement and customer service. What apps should you include? The king of Facebook apps himself, Jim Belosic, weighs in on his top nine must-have apps for your Page.

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