How to sell social media to senior stakeholders (in 10 handy tips)

You know your business needs to be doing social media. You know it’s the future. You also know you’d much prefer getting paid to play on Facebook all day. So really, it would be a win for everyone. The only problem is those damn ignorant ancient senior stakeholders who aren’t quite convinced that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube hold the answer to making millions of dollars. Well, they do. And it’s your mission to make them SEE that. But I would never leave that task solely up to you, mainly because I think we both know you’d mess it up. So here’s 10 handy tips that will help you make them see the light. The bright, shiny beacon of social media light. MMmmm beacon. So close to bacon. I really need to start eating breakfast.

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New exciting Facebook Page changes – admin roles, post scheduling and promoted posts!

If you manage a Facebook page or are interested in any Facebook-related changes then you should really read this article. If you don’t, you will probably be laughed at by your colleagues, friends and any ghosts who are currently in haunt mode around your house… this is because these are the latest and greatest Facebook changes to arrive on your Page and they are actually pretty damn awesome (for once). Find out about admin roles, scheduled posts and promoted posts, and then call ghostbusters.

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How to run a Facebook Competition without getting your Page shut down

So you’ve come up with a brilliant, if not slightly cliche idea to run a Facebook competition on your Facebook Page. Because nobody else is doing that right? Wrong. Everyone is doing it. However in all fairness, they are doing it because it is a brilliant idea, so it’s totally OK to copy everyone else. What it’s not OK to do is to flaunt Zuckers’ rules about running competitions/promotions through your Facebook Page – and they’re pretty darn strict. So while all those other sheep are getting their Facebook Pages shut down for their complete competition rule ignorance, yours will keep going and end up being case studied in TIME Magazine. Or something. Whatever – the point is within this article holds the key – in 8 handy steps – to running your next Facebook competition.

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5 reasons you may be failing at social media for business

Every wondered why you don’t have 10 million Facebook fans or Twitter followers? Or why days go by without anyone engaging with you on any of your social platforms? Why is social media for business so hard, when it was meant to be the answer to all your problems – and probably even the meaning of life? Well I don’t have the answer to the meaning of life, but I can tell you why your social media efforts are failing. And maybe even a few ideas for how to fix it… because that’s just the nice sort of person I am. Now click through and read this article. Now.

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What is the value of a Facebook Like/Fan?

So you’ve got a bunch of Facebook fans and now the powers that be are asking what their value is. How do you come up with a figure for how much each Facebook fan or like is worth? It’s a great question, and there are many competing answers out in the internetsphere. However, none of them are nearly as awesome as this one. Read on for all you’ve ever hoped to learn about this subject AND MORE.

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