5 digital marketing trends Australian businesses are missing out on

In this day and age, where technology is constantly changing and social media is providing unparalleled opportunities to engage your target market, it’s imperative to stay on top of marketing trends. Unfortunately it seems that Australian businesses are rarely in the forefront and as a result miss out on the additional benefits of getting onto these trends early. Here’s five social media, technological and/or digital marketing trends I think most Aussie businesses are missing out on.

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5 instances where twitter is better than Facebook

If I had a dollar for every person I’ve come across that dismisses Twitter as a waste of time – or just can’t be bothered to understand it – I’d be at least moderately well off. The truth is, in Australia at least, most people stick to Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube as their social networks of choice. But there are some things that Twitter does much better than any of these social media tools, and here are five examples.

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The #Gasp stunt – successful social strategy or not?

Gasp, an Australian fashion retailer, has come under fire for an episode of extremely poor and overtly bitchy customer service. It has spawned an outcry in the social media world, but suspicion is rising that it must be a PR stunt. It was the first thought I had when I read the story, and it seems that others are thinking the same. Stunt or not, has it been successful for the brand? Is it another social media case study that will go down in history as a great success?

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Facebook on amphetamines: changes abound for users and pages

In its quest for complete social networking domination Facebook has rolled out a bunch of new changes, hot on the heels of the last batch. Enter: Facebook Subscribe, Facebook Smart Lists and Facebook View Shares – another step towards Google Plusifying our Facebook profiles. What do you think about these new changes?

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Australian brands on Facebook: statistics and best practice

We are forever hearing about what American businesses are doing on social media, including all the related statistics, infographics, case studies and best practice data. I got sick of knowing all about them and nothing about good old Aussie brands and what we were doing on Facebook, so I did a bit of research and put together my own analysis, including statistics, an infographic, best practice and even a whole white paper. In their faces.

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