Using social media for crisis management: the Qantas #ashcloud case study

Social media is fast being recognised as one of the best methods to share information quickly and effectively during periods of crisis. This certainly proved to be the case for Qantas during the 16-day period where hundreds of flights were disrupted due to a volcanic ash cloud affecting airspace. At a time where traditional customer contact channels were proving inadequate, the use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to communicate and engage with customers proved invaluable. This case study outlines the strategy, statistics and success of Qantas’ social media activity during this time.

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Facebook facial recognition uproar and other social media news– June 2011

Recently Facebook implemented ‘Facial Recognition’ which was really just a fancy way of saying ‘suggested photo tags’ but managed to freak everyone out about privacy all the same. Here’s a run down on what it is, how you can switch it off and some other new stuff that’s happening in the land of social media of late.

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Facebook Statistics 2011

As is my skill, I have managed to come up with three things that 87.35% of us love – Facebook, Statistics, and 2011 – and combine them into one extremely interesting and thought-provoking article. If you’ve been wondering just how many statuses are posted, images uploaded, comments made or friend requests accepted in 20 minutes on Facebook – or just how many Aussies are getting in on the action – this is the article that will change your LIFE. Enjoy.

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How to create groups on facebook (and what are they)?

Maybe it’s just me but it seems like the new facebook groups has been pretty underutilised – maybe because the old facebook groups was just so much shitter than facebook pages. But the NEW groups is actually pretty cool. If you haven’t already checked it out and created one of your own, take a look at this article (which has proven to be another literary masterpiece). Then get your group on!

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The facebook drinking game: social skinny style

If you like facebook and you like drinking, consider this all your christmases at once. It’s been way too long since a truly awesome drinking game has arisen and I have taken it upon myself to fill this gaping hole in our lives. Now you can be rewarded for every like and comment you get on your wall and penalised for all the lame or try-hard statuses you post or actions you make on the site. Everything is open slather, so be prepared to laugh, cry, be outraged and above else, get off your face (responsibly).

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