5 Simple Facebook Tips to Drive Engagement

Facebook EngagementHaving a Facebook page and lots of fans is a great start to your social media strategy, however sometimes it’s more important what you do with those fans rather than just how many you have. Getting people to like your Facebook Page is really just half the battle – you need to get them to actually care about what you have to say, and more importantly, engage with you via likes, comments and shares. So how do you get more Facebook engagement on your Page? I’m glad you asked:


1. Keep content compelling, unique, fresh and concise.

If you want to develop a consistent following on Facebook that “likes” your posts and responds with (hopefully nice/productive) comments, you need to offer a likeable (preferably unique) persona. If you don’t add personality to your Facebook posts then you’ll be perceived as boring and fewer people will bother to even read them, let alone engage. Facebook users have plenty of boring friends that are competing for space in their newsfeed, so try to be as un-boring (otherwise known as interesting) as you can.

Rather than posting only about your business, products or brand, it also helps to tap into popular or niche topics. Posting about politics, philosophy and news are forms of contagious content on any social network, but you can also attract attention with a focus on lifestyle and social attitudes.

It helps to keep a steady stream of surprises mixed with popular topics without trying to write a novel for each post. Offering 2-4 posts per day is a Facebook strategy to keep people interested, but posting too often can be overkill that followers can’t keep up with.

Check out this infographic on tips for better Facebook status updates for some more quick tips.


2. Post attractive colorful images and infographics.

Everyone sees a different news feed on Facebook, based on the friends they select. Since people don’t have time to read every post, there’s a tendency for users to scroll through their news feeds and just read the posts that stand out. That’s why it’s advantageous to post colorful high resolution images combined with a short description. Not every post needs to include visuals, but nice photos help provide variety to your page. Infographics, which combine pictures with information, are hot on Facebook because they are easy to read and can convey a lot of data quickly.


3. Post short compelling videos.

When you post videos from YouTube you may want to avoid the ones that start with ads, which are annoying to many people and slow down momentum of your social media presentation. You should also avoid long videos that don’t stay on point with your post, unless you think the content will be compelling to your followers. Your Facebook strategy will be stronger if you stick with videos that are 5 minutes or less. Try to use videos that have credible titles and avoid sloppy videos with misspelled or confusing titles. People might not read your post and just read the video title, which can makes or break your post.


4. Mix song themes with social commentary and news events.

Song videos from YouTube are helpful tools at adding dimension to your posts. You may have a strong point to make that can be said even better by a song. By combining your position with a song that people already know, they might like your post just because they like the song. The beauty of Facebook is that it allows each of us to be multimedia storytellers and it’s easy to let a song or other piece of art help tell the story.


5. Keep conversations going by engaging with fans 

If you post and walk away you miss opportunities to strengthen relationships with followers. When someone comments on and likes your Facebook post, you can reward them by responding with a personalized comment. The more you engage with people, the more they will feel a connection with you and keep coming back. If you never engage with them they might spend more time with others who do interact. Never take your following for granted because people only have so much time to engage on Facebook. Offering a friendly interactive experience that feeds the mind with new ideas is the key to success on Facebook.


They may seem pretty simple, but sometimes it’s all about KISS (look it up if you don’t get the reference). These easy tips can help you get more fan engagement on your Facebook Page – and while you’re there, you may as well like The Social Skinny Facebook Page too :) Have any other tried and tested methods of getting more likes, comments and shares? Share with us in the comments section below – it’s looking a little lonely.

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